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Trinidad and Tobago - History of Our People
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This lesson was developed as part of the Trinidad and Tobago Social Studies Curriculum

This lesson will introduce the students to: Trinidad and Tobago - A History of Our People.

Content Area and Grade Level

This unit can be used in Standard Three (9-10 years old) and targets the areas of language arts, and social studies.

Curriculum Standards

This unit's main objective is for the students to recognize and develop a sense of awareness of where our ancestors came from and use this information to create a poster. Informational literacy is the main focus of this project.

Literacy Standards Addressed:

  • The student understands, analyzes, synthesizes, and evaluates informational and technical text, connecting text with prior knowledge and experience.
  • The student listens and responds critically to both oral  and written communication.

Social Studies Standards Addresses:

  • The student develops an understanding and appreciation for their ancestors in respect to their contribution to our country.

Implementation Overview

This unit was organized to give a general introduction to Trinidad and Tobago - A History of Our People.


Resources Needed

  • Social Studies for Standards 4 & 5 by McLinton Robinson



Unit Objectives

At the end of this unit on the History of Our People, pupils will be able to:

- identify the place names associated to those groups of

   settlers who colonized Trinidad and Tobago.

- list the different religious festivals

- state when each group of European settlers, first settled in

   Trinidad and Tobago.

- state when Trinidad and Tobago was discovered.

- identify the first inhabitants of our islands

- match significant dates to their events.

- develop a love for their diversed multi-cultural and

  multi-lingual society.

- develop tolerance for their multi-racial and

   multi-religious society.


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