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Personal Credo

Electronic Portfolio of Angelique De Mille Serrette

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  • I believe that I am a gift from God and there is no other person like me.
  • I believe that life is full of unexpected surprises and we must make the most of these miracles.
  • I promise always to be honest in all my thoughts, words and deeds, as I strive to live in peace and harmony with others.
  • I will strive to work co-operatively with others to ensure excellence in the finished product.
  • I will continue to serve my community, both at home and work, for service to others ensures empowerment of the people.
  • I believe in the old adage 'what goes around comes around'.
  • I respect and uphold the greatest commandment "Love one another as I have loved You".
  • I firmly believe in putting country before self.