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Angelique De Mille-Serrette
About Me


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My name is Angelique DeMille-Serrette and I am 32 years old. I am married and I have one child.

I was born and raise in the capital city of Port of Spain.
I lived in Belmont and attended Belmont Girls' R.C. School and then St. Francois Girls' College.
My family and I currently reside in Centrl Trinidad.
My hobbies are sswimming, hiking and reading.


What a job!

I am a teacher and I have been teaching at the primry evel for the past 13 years.
I am currently stationed at St. David's R.C. School which is situated in the rural village of Kelly Village Caroni.
At present I am attached to Standard Five and I am also the Head of the Senior Department.
There are 17 pupils in my care - 11 girls and 6 boys.
As a teacher I try to instill in my pupils a love for learning, by demonstrating the fact that I too can learn from them.
The best thing about being a teacher is seeing my pupils achieve their goals, not only academically, but holistically.  Seeing the look of "Yes, I did it" on their faces and knowing that I played a part in guiding them to achieve their success.
The frustrating thing about teaching, is knowing that my school is located in a poverty stricken area and that a number of students may not finish high school, but instead may become dropouts.  Thereby increasing the possibility of them becoming teenage mothers, drug addicts or even engaging in a life of crime.  Knowing that no might how hard I might have tried to show them that life can be different, there is a very big possibility that they may still go astray.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Titanic, Lean On Me, Finding Nemo, Lord of the Rings I, II & III and Jurassic Park

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
David Rudder's: High Mas, Calypso Music, Song For A Lonely Soul
Sparrow's: Education
Baron's: Portrait Of Trinidad
King Austin's: Progress
Lord Kitchener's: Bee's Melody, Pan in "A" Minor